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  • Amazon does not share your billing information with us, and we are not allowed to accept any payment directly. All purchasing must be done through Amazon currently. If you have a plenty of bottles will take, please contact us by sending email to contact..........com. Note: Please note that standard shipping rates do not apply to all items - make sure you check the total shipping at check out b...

  • The best way to get help with your problem is to contact us using the link next to your order on the "Your Orders" section of Amazon (find in by clicking on "Your Account" on any Amazon page). That way we will have all your order information available to address the problem. If you feel the item you received was incorrect, you may wish to include the UPC (number on the bar code) of the product you...

  • 1. Go to Your Orders. 2. Click Cancel Items.3. Select the check box next to each item you wish to remove from the order. 4. Click Cancel checked items when finished.

  • We only accepted Amazon Payment Methods now. Amazon Pay accepts credit and debit cards and transfers from your available Amazon Pay account balance. Credit cards currently accepted include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB. An Amazon.com store card is available for use with selected merchants.